— ‘Picasso & Modern British Art’ at Tate Britain until 15 July 2012

In this major new exhibition at the Tate Britain it becomes very clear just how strong Picasso’s influence is on British Art.

The exhibition explores the effect the Spanish Master’s work had on seven British Artists; Duncan Grant, Wyndham Lewis, Ben Nicholson, Graham Sutherland, Henry Moore, Francis Bacon and David Hockney.


You can clearly see how Picasso’s original works have often been more than just an inspiration to these artists.


Images from the top:


1. See how Picasso’s The Source, 1921 (top) compares with Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure 1936, (below)


2. ‘Bathers at the Beach Hut’ (left) is one of a series of paintings Picasso based on figures on the beach in the French Seaside town of Dinard. According to the Tate, the works inspired Francis Bacon to take up painting seriously and informed his 1933 work ‘Crucifixion’ (right)


3. The bold patterns of Pablo’s vase 1908 work Vase of Flowers (left) can clearly be seen to have informed ‘The Tub” by Scotland’s Duncan Grant (Right)


4. David Hockney’s Christopher Without His Glasses, 1984 (left) shows obvious similarities with Picasso’s Portrait of Emilie Marguerite Walter, 1939 (right)


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I teach art, none of it would get a grade at A level, but as I always say, maybe Van Gogh wouldn’t either. I love the freshness of the Turner Prize, but why don’t they filter out the rubbish before the public see it?

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