— Baker D Chirico by March Studio

At The English Group we’re constantly on the lookout for fascinating material on the theme of wood – whether it be architecture, interiors, conservation, or just intriguing wood products – for our client English Oak Building’s website blog (which we edit).


This beautiful bakery, wholly fitted out in wood, is but one example of an article that’s grabbed our attention -and for more information, read on

Australian practice March Studio conceived this Melbourne bakery as an oversized breadbasket.


The undulating wooden slats that cover the rear wall and ceiling of the shop function as shelves for storing and displaying breads of different shapes and sizes.


A wooden chopping board spans the length of the bakery to create a countertop with integrated pockets for scales, knives, crumb-catchers and checkouts.


Photography is by Peter Bennetts.


Via: Dezeen

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