— Upcoming Exhibition: Christian Louboutin at the Design Museum in London

As a shoe lover, I cannot wait to go and see this exhibition of iconic French shoe designer Christian Louboutin at the Design Museum in London, which runs from 1 May until 9 July this year.

The exhibition celebrates Louboutin’s career to date and showcases twenty years of designs and inspiration revealing the artistry and theatricality of his shoe design from stilettos to lace-up boots, studded sneakers and bejewelled pumps.


Louboutin’s shoes are the epitome of style, glamour, power, femininity and elegance.


At the core of the exhibition will be a unique exploration of Louboutin’s design process, taking the visitor through every stage of the design journey, revealing how a shoe is constructed, from the initial drawing and first prototype through to production in the factory.


Looking beyond design and production the exhibition will also explore the company’s innovative store design.


Via: Design Museum



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