— Katherine Wood: Double Exposures

The English Group, work-in-progress:


Design of a book of spiritual sayings on the theme of the four elements – earth, air, fire and water – and are illustrating four bespoke typefaces to help add adornment to pages within each of the four sections of the book.

…to complement the typeface design (and the abstractions of these that we intend to utilise across the layouts), we shall also include double exposure photography which is to have a similar feel.


The images here, all shot by Katherine Wood (who also photographed The English Group’s Portfolio section of this website), are but an initial test for the upcoming essay.


All have been shot in camera on film stock and there’s no Photoshopping or other manipulation whatsoever – they’re straight out of the camera.


It’ll be interesting to see how the actual shoot (next week) evolves on from this rather pleasing starting point and, with regards to posting these images, I think it often fascinating to follow work-in-progress.


…as an aside, Katherine used herself as the model in all of these images making it even more difficult for herself and, at risk of the pun, rendering all of the images in fact triple exposures.

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Katherine Jane Wood: Double Exposures 2

[…] Occasional photographer for The English Group Katherine Wood has emailed the agency a second series of double exposure photography that she has just completed by way of a test shoot for a book project that we’re currently working on together.As you can see, her exploration of the technique has moved on considerably since the first colour shoot some weeks back (which you can see here). […]

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