— Photoshop in the old days

This 1860 iconic portrait of US President Abraham Lincoln (left) may well be the first ever photo shopped image.

Whoever thought it only happens in today’s photo campaigns, this first image appears to be a composite of Lincoln’s head and the body of southern politician John Calhoun (right) The two images were ‘stitched together’ because ‘no sufficiently heroic portrait of Lincoln had yet been taken’.


Digital forensics expert Dr Hany Farid said: ‘Although we may have the impression that photographic tampering is something relatively new – a product of the digital age – the reality is that history is riddled with photographic fakes.’


Farid, from Dartmouth College, said the air-brushing of images by brutal dictators took place as a matter of course.


In descending order, re-touched photographs second from the top:


– The photo on the left appears to be of General Ulysses S Grant in front of his troops at City Point, Virginia, during the American Civil War. It is in fact created from three pictures, the head from a portrait of Grant; the horse and body from Major General Alexander M McCook; and the background of Confederate prisoners captured


– General Sherman is seen posing with his Generals (left). But General Francis P Blair was in fact later added to the original picture


– Russian dictator Josef Stalin routinely air-brushed his enemies out of photographs. In this snap a commissar was removed from the original photograph after falling out with him


– This World War II photo, in Russian magazine Ogoniok, shows Russian soldiers raising the Soviet flag atop the German Reichstag building. The magazine’s editor-in-chief removed a watch from the soldier’s right arm, because of suspicion it had been looted as he also wore one on his left


–  Italian dictator Benito Mussolini had the horse handler removed from the original photograph so he appeared more heroic


– Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler had Joseph Goebbels (second from the right) removed from the original picture after he fell out with him


– King George VI was removed from the original photograph of himself, Queen Elizabeth and Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King in Banff, Alberta, because, it is believed, the PM wanted to paint himself in a more powerful light.



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