— 3-D T-Shirts With A Story

‘The T-shirt Issue’ is a project by Mashallah Design in cooperation with Linda Kotowski.

These items of clothing were created by scanning human bodies and using the data to create sewing patterns. Each piece has it’s own poetical story:


NO 419 (Images 1 – 4)


“After hearing a story about a boy brought up by a wolf I wanted this more than anything.  The wolf would have accompanied my noctural wanderings, would have eagerly shared my reconnaissances and sometimes my thunderous sighs”


T-Shirt NO 378 (Image 5)


“When I was small and just about to learn swimming I was petrified that my swimmies would leak. I squeezed them constantly to check the air level. Surprisingly the swimmies had a different effect outside the water, they gave me tremendous self assurance. In default of that I just left them on all the time. “


T-Shirt NO 318 (Images 6 – 7)


She changed my life from the first moment I was fitting her, when she slipped through my drapery purring.  The sounds she made, unerring and self-confident, she fills my design with ease, making me believe in her more than ever.



Via: Mashallah Design and Trendland

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