— Pride of Soldiers Light Installation

Designed by English design duo Dominic and Frances Bromley of Scabetti, this unique sculptural light, made of hundreds of slip cast bone china soldiers, was created for the Land Forces Command Head Quarters in The Netherlands.

Scabetti were approached to create a unique lighting piece for possibly the most important room on the site: the main board room.


Initially the scale of the piece is striking, standing at an impressive three meters diameter.


Each soldier stands in perfect formation and comes together to create the Lion of the Armed Forces emblem, with the central light at its heart.


The symbolism of many people working together for their country is clear.


The fine bone china is fragile yet remarkably strong and is a metaphor for the strength of mind and strategy beneath vulnerable skin and bone.


The translucency of this fine material adds further visual intrigue to the sculpture as the central light highlights detail in the sculpted form.


Scabetti has designed many impressive light sculptures. View more of their collection here


Via: Cube Me

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