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The bicycle, for most of us, was our first machine and we have not looked back ever since.

We are in the midst of witnessing a surge in bicycle production, design, interest and consumption from urban dwellers all across the world. Facilitating our commute through many a city’s dense traffic arteries or being carbon neutral is our daily way of life; whatever inspires your choice and lifestyle decisions.


Just as important as wearing the right pair of shoes, choosing a well crafted and high performance bicycle can make the difference of every excellent choice you have made this far in your pursuit of shaping your lifestyle. Italia Veloce’s aim is to offer a top-of-the-line bike whose styling features artistic and cultural references and to rediscover the value of making things by hand. At the end of the day, your time on your bike is yours; you and a machine together and the connection to the environment surrounding you.


We are all too familiar with Italian craftsmanship and quality. Whether it is fashion, cars or even a great cup of coffee, Italian craft is a joy to see and a desire to obtain. The Italia Veloce frame is yet another beacon of Italian craftsmanship and one to enjoy with friends or in your daily commute to work.  Crafted with experienced hands, the pipes assembled into a classical frame and with its polished joints and back forks, every detail makes this bike one of kind. Every frame is numbered and catalogued individually. The frame number is impressed by hand onto the patch, and makes this handicraft object a unique piece of art. The registration booklet reports the frame’s characteristics along with information regarding the whole bicycle. As the booklet is modified along with the bicycle including any information regarding modifications or tuning, this maintains real traceability for the company’s historical archive.


Although the company is based on tradition and classical values, they understand that customer needs are evolving, thus shaping new characteristics for modern urban mobility. They have therefore blended tradition and style for a timeless object prepared for the future.


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