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At The English Group, we have worked on a number of beautiful projects in Morocco (including the design of a beautiful book of fine art photography published to commemorate breaking ground on the building of a new luxury district outside of old Marrakech).


So I’m interested to see images from a new project photographed in February wherein the authors of the forthcoming title, Instant Love led an instant photography retreat in Marrakech, Morocco. Jen AltmanSusannah Conway and Amanda Gilligan helped participants get the best out of their instant cameras, learn how to use Impossible Project film and to explore the wonders of Marrakech.


In October 2008 The Impossible Project saved the last Polaroid production plant for integral instant film in Enschede (NL) and started to invent and produce totally new instant film materials for traditional Polaroid cameras. In 2010 Impossible saved analog instant photography from extinction by releasing various, brand new and unique instant films.


Therewith Impossible prevents more than 300.000.000 perfectly functioning Polaroid cameras from becoming obsolete, changes the world of photography and keeps variety, tangibility and analogue creativity and possibilites alive.


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