— Francesca Woodman At The Guggenheim, New York

The first notably comprehensive collection of photographer Francesca Woodman is on show at the Guggenheim. Organized by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the retrospective includes more than 120 vintage photographs from the cut-short career of the American artist, over thirty years after her death. Her especially subjectiveapproach to this modern medium was marked with an affinity for self-portrature and exploration of the human form.


Woodman was born in 1958 and began her photographic career at the age of 13. Attending Rhode Island school of design in the 1970’s, she explored themes of female subjectivity and conceptualism, developing a body of work which solidified her relevance as an American photographer and videographer of the 1970s. After moving to New York in 1981, she worked in fashion imaging and on several great-scale personal projects. After a brief period in the city, she committed suicide at the age of 22.


The exhibition includes a her earliest student works, videos, two of her sketch books, and the conceptual drawings for her massive ‘temple’ project in 1980. Six of the artist’s recently discovered short films are also displayed in the installation.


Francesca Woodman
Guggenheim Museum, New York City, USA
On show now until June 13th, 2012


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