— Kate Upton by Terry Richardson

Whenever Terry Richardson features in this blog, website traffic goes up…


…so when it’s edgy model Kate Upton in front of the lens and Terry Richardson behind it, you can already imagine what the resulting photo shoot is like.

Like Richardson, Upton is something of an interesting figure within fashion. Lots of people within the industry love them both. Yet Upton is not the same style of model that fashion normally celebrates. A Karlie Kloss or Kate Moss she is not. You wouldn’t find Kloss or Kate in a burger advert for Carl’s Jr. and yet her rise continues. She seems to pursue any work that plays to her pin up charms as opposed to staying with only high fashion work.


So, anyway, here’s the shoot – which, for similar reasons I’m sure,  seems to be all over the web at the moment – little more than a guilty pleasure perhaps… …but pleasing distraction all the same.


You can see more of the shoot at Fashionising


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