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Following some slight pause, I shall introduce you a new business’s first product to market.


The first product from new erotic brand United Indecent Pleasures is an eight-inch chocolate penis that oozes fondant cream.The filling comes in six fruit and liqueur flavours, and there’s a firmer chocolate fondant in the base.


The company was founded by publicist Angelica de Millet, who met graphic designer David Ruiz and architect-turned-chocolatier Michel Laline while working at Laline’s company Chocolat Factory.


Here are some more details from United Indecent Pleasures:


The Brand


United Indecent Pleasures is a top brand of hedonistic products that have been designed to unite several pleasures, with the purpose of multiplying the sensorial experiences of those who dare try them. Today we are pleased to present you with the first in a collection of perverse, sophisticated, ironic and transgressive objects of desire, perfect for people who can resist anything but temptation.


The product


To launch United Indecent Pleasures, its first product aims to fuse together two of humankind’s most venerated pleasures: sex and chocolate. It does so with a perverse black chocolate cock that is filled with perverse fluids and stimulating liqueur: 8 inches of dark chocolate cock filled with…


Handmade with cocoa from Grenada, our sublime cocks are individually handcrafted using a technique that results in a solid enough consistency to allow the product to be transported, whilst not compromising the subtlety and finesse required to enjoy an erotic experience – a delicacy worthy of the gods.


The filling


Each cock has a double filling: The lower part of the enormous cock (from the waist down, so to speak) is filled with a fine chocolate fondant that has a sensual texture conceived to melt in the mouth, or any other part of the body, and that is remarkably delicate and smooth.


The upper part of the handsome member is filled with a sensorial treasure, the colour and texture of which is remarkably similar to a real man’s fluid, with the advantage that these boast a range a different flavours that are nearly as exotic and surprising as the real thing.


Choose from 6 varieties: Fresh mint fondant, Valencia orange fondant, Williams Pear liqueur fondant, Mozart chocolate liqueur fondant, Cointreau liqueur fondant and Irish coffee liqueur fondant.


The hand made production


8 inches of dark chocolate cock filled with… are made in the Chocolat Factory workshop in Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona. The Maitre chocolatier Michel Laline team, are made by hand and with top quality natural ingredients. Chocolat Factory uses cocoa cultivated on a number of plantations where fair trade and education for children are promoted.


The packaging


United Indecent Pleasures has designed a special packaging system with biodegradable materials, to keep your fabulous cock in perfect condition.


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