— Tempting Cider

Tempt Cider is a Danish brand designed by DDB Denmark.

The illustrations are very lovely, and appear quite feminine. I definitely wouldn’t mind being seen drinking these this summer – practically a fashion statement!

From one of the designer’s, Fie Lindholm’s, website:


“The concept is build on the premise that cider keeps a secret. You can’t smell or taste it but cider is an alchohol. You get tempted by the innocent look, the fruity smell and the refreshing taste. You are too curious to avoid a sip and suddenly its you that has a secret. Therefore the cider earned itself the name ‘Tempt’.


The design is characterised by its’ innocence upon one’s first glance, but by looking closer you will find many small secrets and hidden details.


The key hole at the back of the bottle hides a link and the line “I have a secret” that is calculated to tempt people’s curiosity and lead them to the website where they can post their own secret (and discover other peoples confessions too).”


Via: The Dieline

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