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When you take all else away, when you remove all clothing and accessories, you’re reminded that beauty starts at the body. The art of nude portraiture has an innate appreciation of that fact: a fine art nude doesn’t necessarily capture something erotic or sexual but instead gets to the very essence of a person. In the absence of styling, our skin is the thing that both covers and reveals.


In this photo series the influence of David Hamilton on photographer Chad Muller shines through. Muller owes Hamilton the right kind of debt, and it’s one he openly acknowledges. Like Hamilton’s works there’s a sense that these photographs are more closely related to classical paintings than they are to the starkness of real life. Here, each of Muller’s five models reveals something of themselves not just in their nakedness but in the contours of their bodies, in their poses and their expressions – one startlingly graceful like a supine ballerina, others simply confident in their naturalness.


Shot on Kodak Ektachrome – Kodak’s renowned superior-quality film – which gives them a distinct quality some would call incomparable to the lost romance of digital, Chad Muller’s nudes make up one part of Bambi Magazine’s visually stunning 10th issue.


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