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Whilst I am Dutch, I shall be slightly more patriotic than Marc and share these quite lovely new stamps which have been unveiled by The Royal Mail to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Included among the designs are a new blue definitive stamp, which will replace the standard gold definitive first-class stamps in Post Offices throughout 2012.


The new stamp features the words Diamond Jubilee highlighted in iridescent ink on the background.


They have been designed by Sedley Place, while Studio Dempsey has created the first-day cover and the presentation pack.


The stamp designs use official portraits of The Queen, sourced from previous stamps, as well as coins and banknotes.These include society photographer Dorothy Wilding’s portrait of The Queen, which was used on the very first stamp issued during her reign, and portraits taken from the £1 banknote issued in 1960.


Via: Design Week


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