— Battle of Grunwald in 3D

The complex sequence of images on this page illustrate the process involved in creating – or recreating – the world’s first stereoscopic reconstruction of a painting.

The painting itself is Jan Matejko’s, “The Battle of Grunwald,” which depicts the greatest battle of the Middle Ages, an event that changed the face of Europe.


To achieve the reconstruction of the work, 67 unique characters, each rendered as three-dimensional models, come together to form a clear spatial composition. Depth and perspective appear “within arm’s reach”,  inviting the viewer into the canvas to experience it from a new perspective.


The project posed a challenge to animators, who were required to meticulously interpret and recreate the 1878 original and find solutions to problems such as how to depict figures who were partially obscured by those next to them.


As someone interested and involved in conceptualising ideas for exhibitions, this project fascinates me – and provokes me to imagine other paintings or categories of art that cry out for similar treatment.


The first image (to the right) is the painting itself.


Images 2. and 3. illustrate pre-production preparation.


Images 4. to 8. show the process of the initial modelling of the characters within the painting.


Images 9. to 12. show the realised 3D model of the work.


Images 13. to 18. illustrate the surface rendering of the oil painting (textures and colours) back onto the 3D modelled characters.


Images 19. to 23. show the final fully assembled and texture mapped new 3D version of the work.


…and the video captures the process and the work itself.


Via: Behance

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