— 35mm Film Is Eaten & Excreted To Photograph The Inside Of The Body

An awful lot of photography is really shit…


…however, this body of work takes such thoughts to an entirely different level.Luke Evans and Josh Lake, students of the UK’s Kingston University, have developed the installation ‘I Turn Myself Inside Out’.


For this micro-photographic project, the two students have swallowed 35mm film and let their digestive systems inform each work.


Evans and Lake accomplished their goal to document their insides by eating photographic film slides and ‘letting [their] bodies do the rest‘.


The single film segments were first ingested, excreted (in a dark room) then washed. The damages made to the emulsion surface by the students’ internal organs were examined with the assistance of a scanning electron microscope and in this way the process for creating the series is visualized in three large-scale black and white prints.
The series will be on display at Hoxton Gallery, London, UK in the show pilot from June 12th the the 13th.


Via: Designboom

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