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Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of being invited to a screening (of the still unfinished) documentary ‘McCullin’, which wanders the life of the celebrated photographer Don McCullin. The story is told partly in Don’s own words, the words of those he has worked with, and of course his amazing photography.


The film is hard-hitting, unflinching, and at times deeply moving as it reminds us again and again and again of man’s never-ending inhumanity to his fellow man. While many of Don’s most iconic photograph are featured alongside of his recollections of the circumstances leading to the creation of each image, the film also shows many lesser known images also taken at these times, including both photographs that have never been printed before and photography that was simply to harsh to be published in the press at that time (and likely still so even today).


The English Group has worked with Don a number of times and is currently just commencing what I think that both we hope will be one of the defining projects of his (and our) careers.

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