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For most people familiar with Stonehenge, a prehistoric stone circle in England – and especially the A road/bypass that runs alongside it – what should be England’s most important national monument is often deemed to be more of a national disgrace. However, perhaps the broader vision attached to the designs shown here for a new visitor centre will go some way towards addressing the site’s many problems.


…I certainly hope so


In 2009 the Australian architecture firm Denton Corker Marshall won a competition to replace existing facilities, but plans were ditched the following year by the incoming government.


Anyway, English Heritage has finally announced that after years of wrangling and delay, work now starts this week on the architect’s designs.


The design itself, which was the latest in a string of proposals dating back to 2003 for the World Heritage Site, was later rescued by funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.


As well as a low-key visitor building, the £27 million project involves the closure and grassing over of the A344 road that runs alongside the monument and the removal of the existing car park, underpass, toilets and other facilities.


Also likely to please many, the new visitor centre will be constructed away from the stones, with visitors reaching the monument on foot or by shuttle.


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