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While casting a glance towards the always interesting ‘Movie Poster‘ Of the Day tumblr, I cam across a lovely illustrated poster for one of my own all-time favourite films, Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. As often happens, it made me wonder what other film poster art there might be for this definitive Japanese movie which was first released in 1954 and went on to inspire other all-time classic movies (such as the Magnificent Seven), and was sure that such an important film would have provoked some fine graphic design over the years.


The second poster is another version of the German art, the next two frames the sleeve and DVD cover for the always wonderfully art directed Criterion Collection release, and this is followed by a strange – as is often the case – Polish poster. The next is the version that I’m most familiar with, and then a couple more too…


…anyway, you can judge for yourself.


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