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Sam Roddick, founder of Coco De Mer, says the brand is “unashamedly about sex” – and, indeed, it has been since bringing designer lingerie and other erotic goods to Covent Garden over a decade ago. Plenty of brands and boutiques have since caught up to Roddick’s liberated way of thinking about lingerie but that hasn’t stopped Coco De Mer from doing what it does best: presenting sex and sexuality as a thing to be celebrated.


The latest campaign – starring models Annabelle and Holly -was shot with realism and rawness by Icelandic-born photographer Saga Sig. The usual suspects are here: riding crops, frame bras made modest (for want of a better term) by way of sequinned nipple tassels, suspender belts, ornate gold mirrors… But there’s also taxidermy beasts, animal masks and – in one shot – even the brand’s namesake: a giant coco de mer seed.


There’s many more photographs from this session across at Fashionising


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