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Apple has agreed to pay Swiss railway operator SBB an undisclosed amount for copying its trademark station clock design (above) in the new iPad, reports Bloomberg.SBB announced the deal on its website after earlier threatening to sue the technology giant over the use of the clock in iOS 6, the operating system that comes with the latest iPad (below). The companies agreed not to disclose the fee. SBB had said last month that while its rights to the design had been infringed, it was “proud” Apple had used the clock.


Designed by Zurich-born engineer Hans Hilfiker in 1944 and still trademarked by Swiss national railways, the clock has a recognisable red second hand in the shape of a railway guard’s signalling disc.


Earlier this year Apple won a major legal victory when a U.S. court found Samsung had copied features of the iPad and iPhone. Dezeen had previously reported a British court’s decision that Samsung had not unlawfully copied Apple’s designs, judging that the South Korean company’s tablet computers were “not as cool” as its rival’s products.


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