— First Look: Damien Hirst’s Verity

British artist Damien Hirst’s rather controversial (what does the artist do that isn’t?) proposal for a 20-meter-tall bronze statue in the town of Ilfracombe, North Devon, has now gone ahead and is fully installed. After the sculpture, named Verity, received more letters of approval than of objection (177 approved, 100 objected) the North Devon Council approved its construction and it was installed on 16 October. The idea of the piece is to evoke ideas of law and justice, taking the form of a pregnant woman with parts of her skeleton and muscle exposed on one side of her body and a sword being wielded on the other. It is thought that despite criticism (and possibly because of the criticism) the sculpture will attract large amounts of tourists and will thus boost the town’s revenue.


Via: Huh Magazine and you can read our earlier article here.

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