— x2 Architettura: San Floriano di Gavassa Church

In the town of Gavassa in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna Province, Italian practice x2 Architettura have renovated and added a new wing to the ‘San Floriano di Gavassa Church’.Positioned adjacent to the maintained historic facade, a white curved wall enclosing the intervention keeps a discreet appearance. Situated to the north of the existing structure, the entities are kept separate, and connected internally by three passages. The original arched entrance to the church becomes the internal portal to the wing containing the liturgical room.


The longitudinal elevation is fitted with skylights along the exterior wall to bring soft northern daylight inside, streaming patterns along the white surface. dedicated to sunday masses, the elliptical perimeter wall hugs the congregation within a wide and light space. Arranged axially to the entrance, the chairs are arranged in curved rows which allow people to sit face to face, across the altar and ambo. the expressive interior evokes a spiritual ambiance.


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