— Woodcarvings by Mary Leu

Taiwanese artist Mary Leu is known for breaking a craft long dominated by men in her country – woodcarving. Each piece is sculpted from a single piece of boxwood, which may depict a piece offruit, a pair of sneakers or a length of cloth.Depending on the size, each piece takes between three months to a year to complete – and the attention to detail Leu invests in her work can be revealed through a magnifying glass which shows the simulation of small hairs on a stem of a plant or a thatch in a piece of fabric.


Leu established her business ‘Mary Leu Fine Carving Art Gallery’ in 2000 – a one-story house that is divided into three sections – an exhibition space, a workshop, and a coffee/tea house that
also acts as a souvenir shop – where Leu continues to astound locals and visitors with her talent.


Via: Designboom

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