— Film Posters Of The Year (2)



To follow on from yesterday’s reblogged article, here’s a selection of 34 of my own favourite film posters of the year.


…and if you’re on a large screen, I do recommend that you view them in magnified/lightbox mode.

To avoid having to express any preference, I’ve chosen to list the films – the posters thereof – alphabetically.


It’s interesting to see how many of the posters featured here mirror what are also my favourite films of the year too – although, I insist, that I’ve tried to feature posters that represent great layout, great typography, illustration or use of photography… …in other words, just a really good example of well-considered graphic design.


…and if it’s a great movie too, well that’s just so much the better.


I’m happy to be pointed towards other fine posters that I might have missed.

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