— Stonehenge by Bill Brandt

For many years I lived within walking distance of Stonehenge and still find it fascinating that there are so few great photographs of this unique monument.


This 1947 image by Bill Brandt (British, b. Germany, 1904-1983), Stonehenge In the Snow, is clearly an exception to the rule.

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— Bubblegum

There’s no accounting for why this picture – and not that one – arrests one’s attention.


(It’s a shame that there’s no photographer or model credits though).


Via: Moonbeamed

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— The Rape Of Europa

During World War II, many great works of art were evacuated from the Louvre and iconic works such as the Venus de Milo, along with Michelangelo’s Dying Slaves and Nike of Samothrace were kept in Château de Valençay.

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— Gabriel Chandelier

The Gabriel Chandelier is a 39-foot-tall chandelier designed by French brothers Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec.


The large-scale piece, permanently residing in the Palace of Versailles, is crafted out of 800 Swarovski crystal modules threaded onto a metal frame that drapes like a giant necklace.


Via: Iain Claridge


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— Finish Line Tower

The topographical situation on the Rotsee-Delta is a unique landscape, embedded in between two hill chains the lake is very calm. Through its ideal character for rowing regattas the lake is called the ‘Lake of Gods’ amongst rowers.

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