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David Bowie, the first and perhaps most formative of all of my musical obsessions, has celebrated his 66th birthday by releasing a new single, Where Are We Now?, ahead of his first new album in 10 years.

The track was put on sale in the iTunes store in 119 countries on Tuesday morning and a video preview posted on his website, which has been relaunched for the occasion. His 30th studio recording, The Next Day, would be released in March, said the Iso/Columbia record company.


(In addition) Jonathan Barnbrook on the design of the cover for the new album from David Bowie, The Next Day.


“We wanted the cover to be as minimal and undesigned as possible, we felt the most elegant solution was to use the original one from “Heroes” and simply cross out the title of the old album. It has the detachment appropriate for the atmosphere of the new album.”


Via: The Guardian (with additional content from Iain Claridge)


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