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The newly renovated Middelheim Museum in Antwerp unveils a new addition to its permanent collection by Antony Gormley and exhibits a series of new sculptures to be shown publicly for the first time. From the 24th of February until the 5th May 2013, a series of his ‘Polyhedra’ sculptures that have never previously been exhibited in this constellation will be on show. The works showcases the iconic irregular three dimensional cuboid structures referencing human-shaped forms – often fabricated from his signature material – cast iron. These pieces, as with so much of Gormley’s oeuvre, reveal the artist revitalizing the art of figurative sculpture through his investigation of the body – often his own – as the meeting point of memory and transformation.


Antony Gormley:   Firmament & Other Forms
Middleheim Museum, Antwerp
On from the 24th February through to 5th May, 2013


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