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The English Group seems to be spending a lot of its time at the moment working on publications for the iPad and this means that I’m constantly searching for examples of best practise.


To which end, it’s interesting to discover that issues of design and architecture magazine Domus can now be read as an app with layout and navigation designed specifically for the iPad.Domus was founded in 1928 by renowned Italian architect and designer Gio Ponti and features articles on international art, architecture and design, from specific projects to global trends.


Launched in September 2012, the app allows readers to browse the same content as printed editions, with high-resolution images and a layout and navigation tailored specifically to the iPad.


The graphic layout has been designed to make a distinction between art, design and architecture articles to create visual variety while maintaining a distinct identity.


A typographical hierarchy has been set up so users can differentiate between levels of information and architectural drawings are reformatted with standardised line weights to make them easier to read.


The Domus iPad app can be downloaded from the Apple store in a variety of languages, and can be bought as a single issue, monthly or annual subscription.


A number of previous issues are free to download and some are currently priced at € 5,99 (US$6.99). Subscribers to the iPad edition save up to 32% compared to purchasing individual issues, while print subscribers get the iPad editions for free.


Here’s some additional information from Domus:


Domus is one of the most established and influential international magazine about architecture, art and design, founded in 1928 by Gio Ponti. In the past eighty years, Domus has tracked, promoted and anticipated architectural and artistic movements and all creative activity, carrying out the invaluable work of study and dissemination to a general and specialized. The iPad edition of the magazine has been released in September 2012 and since then the excellence of the Domus App has been widely recognized by the Apple’s public comments with a nearly 5 star rating.


The app is specifically designed to work on the iPad, fostering the editorial and visual approach deployed within the printed magazine. With this launch, Domus adds an important element in the creation of a dynamic and multichannel set-up, in which different means of communication—magazine, web, apps and social media—complement and complete each other to offer readers an exceptional panorama of global architecture and design, with the aim of managing a system of information that must function in real time and in a globalised world.


The basic idea behind the graphic project is to transcend the clear distinction between the traditional categories of architecture, design and art, in order to achieve a contents’ structure that is formally not rigid and less repetitive than traditional design magazine, while ensuring an intuitive navigation through a precise and legible visual identity.


A great attention is given to typography and the design of master grids, in order to structure a clear hierarchy between different levels of information. Great care is deployed towards architectural drawings: every plan, section and elevation is entirely redrawn and standardised in its line weights and representation of details. A specific user interface for the navigation of blueprints and diagrams has been designed, paying the utmost care towards the neat visualisation of lines and the perception of the right scale of objects.


Domus iPad wish to experience a rich variety of multimedia and interactive contents with an essential visual language by standing to be one of the most innovative, involving and in-depth digital magazine of architecture and design available on the market.


The Domus iPad edition is available on Apple Store as single issue as well as monthly or annual subscription.


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