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My very favourite magazine, the large format Exhibition is set to release their 3rd opus in Paris next week, and worlwide at the end of February.

About this issue, translated from French:


“The artist can express everything” Oscar Wilde wrote in preface to Dorian Gray, inviting doing its similar to overcome the moral values ​​corsetaient time. This injunction serves as a premise to the aesthetic movement, art school which Wilde was able to make the advocate.


Draped in the trappings of racy aesthetic manifesto, the Por-feature of Dorian Gray is a praise assumed the quest beautiful in spite of any other form of consideration. Under Artistic Director GAËL HUGO EDWIN & SBERRO the New album EXHIBITION flirt with the idea of ​​evil unreasonable and refinement satisfaction of desires visual the taste of the style to art for art, here DORIAN ISSUE.


From Lipstick, to Leather, to Dorian [for Dorian Gray], the new issue includes works by, clockwise: Boris Ovini, Emma Summerton, Ben Hassett, Daniel Jackson, Gisèle Vienne (Performing artist), Lachlan Bailey,Suzie Q Leo Siboni, Elena Rendina, Guido Mocafico, Leon Mark, & Stephane Pelletier.


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