— Over-the-top Calligraphy

These letterforms came from a 17th century German book on the art of writing. Even the title is a bit over the top – The Proper Art of Writing: A Compilation of All Sorts of Capital or Initial Letters of German, Latin and Italian Fonts from Different Masters of the Noble Art of Writing (Kunstrichtige Schreibart allerhand Versalie[n] oder AnfangsBuchstabe[n] der teütschen, lateinischen und italianischen Schrifften aus unterschiedlichen Meistern der edlen Schreibkunst zusammen getragen).


Would someone like to buy me this book?!

“The book, which is now in the public domain, contains example after example of ornate letters, with each page a surprise in the art of calligraphic embellishment.


The book was first published in 1655 by Bey Paulus Fürsten Kunsthändlern daselbst in Nurnberg.”


Via: Design Observer

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