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Gestalten‘s ‘Fully Booked: Ink On Paper – Design & Concepts For New Publications’ brings together a collection of books and related products which celebrate the distinctiveness of materials, production methods, techniques and workmanship, pushing the limits of these approaches in the context of the medium of print. Divided into five thematic sections: the storyteller, the showmaster, the teacher, businessman and the collector, ‘Fully Booked…’ showcases a broad range of titles, from personal projects, limited edition titles,
artists books and brand publications, each one presenting unconventional subject matter or containing radical editorial or design concepts, highlighted through the works of coralie bickford-smith, irma boom, deutsche & japaner, john gall, joost grootens, julia hasting, heimann und schwantes, jung + wenig, konst & teknik, leftloft, made thought, peter mendelsund, niessen & de vries, prill vieceli cremers, raffinerie ag, and studio laucke siebein, just to name a few.


The material presence of a book is lost when expressed through digital media. Reading something on a monitor does not quite translate the thinness or thickness of a publication, release the smell of its pages, allow you to understand its volume.  Many features such as such as embossing, gilt edging, japanese binding, letter printing, paper texture are only experienced through print, and so it is not surprising that a slew of contemporary designers, editors, illustrators, publishers and typographers are working to re-establish the importance of the physical book.


Coinciding with the release of the publication to the European market, an exhibition hosted at the Gestalten space in Berlin will showcase more than 200 innovative books and related objects by international creatives, that have been selected for feature in ”Fully Booked: Ink On Paper’.  The show will offer visitors an overview of print’s impact within our largely digital age, and display a range of bold visual examples in order tore-establish our appreciation for a good, hard- or paperback.


Fully Booked: Ink On Paper – An Exhibition of Design and Concepts For New Publications

From March 14 to april 21, 2013

Gestalten Space, Sophie-Gips-Höfe, Sophienstraße 21, 10178 Berlin

Vernissage: March 14, 2013, 18:00–21:00


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