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The English Group completed project:


Clients attending Apple Litho (Bristol) Limited’s ‘Open Day’ yesterday were given a small brochure demonstrating the capabilities of the printer’s new digital press.

This brochure, designed by The English Group, features photographer Katherine Jane Wood’s photographs of oak trees at Corsham Court that have previously featured in our blog; and which you can see more of here and here.


The photography shot both in early morning frost, on an Olympus PEN, and in snow on a Canon 5D Mrk III illustrate the digital press’s capacity to both reproduce extreme fine detail and also soft pastel colours without sacrificing any of the subtleties of either approach. The brochure also perfectly showcases what can be achieved when clients make a small additional investment towards specifying carefully considered paper choices for their digital work. (In this case, the brochure was printed on GF Smith’s Monadnock Astrolite Smooth uncoated paper).


Visit Katherine’s blogs:

More Trees Less Nudes


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