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Launched on Kickstarter (the famous fundraising platform), ONDU pinhole cameras reached the goal of 10.000 Dollars in less than 48 hours.The cameras are clean, minimalistic objects produced by hand in a traditional way, through the exclusive use of high quality materials, from Slovenian brand ONDU, a studio founded and promoted by the designer and carpenter Elvis Halilović.

“Craft-works aimed not only at being admired, but also used and “lived”. Real cameras easy to use that, through a technique that exploits the process of the darkroom, allow you to catch images through a small hole in the front and to reproduce them on film, shooting incredible pinhole images. In the gallery you can see some examples. The series is composed of six models that differ in size and format of the film, from the most common, like those for Leica 135, to the most niche. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to be among the first to posses one, on the Kickstarter page dedicated to the “PINHOLE by ONDU” project you find all the information, videos and photos.”

Via: The Mag

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