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Finca Bellavista is a property situated high in the Costa Rican rainforest canopy, that belongs to Mateo and Erica Hogan.From Designboom: ‘The idea of creating a veritable self-sustaining community was borne as a way to make the 62 acre site more possible to acquire as well as fully integrate the built form into the landscape. The cluster of treetop structures hovers near the edge of the picturesque whitewater Rio Bellavista, surrounded by the emerald to yellow-green foliage of paradise. The whole of the property is now a 600 acre  complex connected by ziplines and suspension bridges. the core team lives and works on the property while myriad transient residences and guests enjoy the paradisaical surroundings temporarily. The ‘finca’, or farm, is part of a eco-minded nonprofit adventure hotels of costa rica; however, the treetop town remains among the few untouched environments in the country.


While the nearest town is 1.5 miles away, the community is self-sustaining, complete with a dining hall, open-air lounge, a ranch, bathhouse, campfire ring and wedding garden. The complex continues to grow and breathe a different sense of life into the forest with few treehouses in various construction stages thereby contributing to the world’s first planned, contemporary, sustainable treehouse community. Each resident is required to purchase and use a biodigester, which generates electricity and heat with a waste-to-energy process, and the architecture is optimized to make the most of cross-ventilation, passive natural lighting and responsible building systems. The burgeoning neighborhood attracts like-minded people, committed to conservation and willing to be subtle participants in the overarching balance of the yet-unperturbed ecosystem. as the diaphanous water cuts through the property and the presence of immeasurable life forms teems around the dwellings, the the built form, as it both presides and latches on to the architecture of the earth, proves that the delicate exchange between man and nature is not just possible, but is rather the most exuberant way to interact with the world.’


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