— Cereal Issue Nº3

It’s great to see that our nearby neighbours have released the third issue of their food and travel quarterly Cereal.


In fact, I’d like to take a moment to offer my congratulations to magazine Editor Rosa Park for producing what really is the most pleasing publication.

This edition travels to Reykjavik, Iceland; Santa Barbara, USA; and the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland, providing unique insights into specific places of interest such as the iconic Harpa building and the mysterious Giant’s Causeway.


They also delve into some of the more peculiar elements of cuisine, examining contemporary interpretations of edible flowers and insects with articles like the “Psychology of Disgust” by Nick Baines and “The Power of Eating Insects” by Charlie Lee-Potter. In the interlude, they speak to modern British menswear brand Albam and visit Bath-based bespoke printers and stationers Meticulous Ink, offering a closer look at their letterpress process.


All this content is available entirely advert-free, with production and printing taking place entirely in the UK.


Cereal Issue Nº3 is now available for £10 (approx. $15 USD) and you can order your copy here.


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