— WOMAD 2013: Day Two

What a fabulous day!


…until it rained and plans were slightly derailed.


That said though, I was at the open air stage just after lunch to catch Brazil’s Flavia Coelho and the whole festival was suddenly worth it in an instant. This girl has more energy and more expression that the rest of WOMAD combined (and that’s a lot of energy!).

Trust me, this woman is amazing, her performance is electric and if you ever get chance to see her, go beg steal or borrow tickets; do whatever it takes!


Plus she’s ‘I wanna take her home’ gorgeous too!


At this point in the day, the sun was still shining so a wander around the festival site took me to Pants For Poverty again – thank you Ramsay and Greg! – and also a chance to photograph the first of the many pretty people that the festival is rich with. The girl featured here is Phoebe and if it hadn’t rained, I’m sure she would have been joined by many more.


…perhaps tomorrow…


The rain did though prompt me into tents to see other musicians that I may not have otherwise experienced and in order here are:


The very visual Iadoni, an Eastern European polyphonic orchestra, were well worth a few minutes of my time.


Then I encountered the absolutely brilliant Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. This guy had so much stage presence – and a beard with the capacity to frighten grizzly bears. Boy, could he ever play the blues and I’d certainly seek him out if he were to tour. You should too.


Then I spent late afternoon with Ed Harcourt. I’ve heard of Ed, I even think we may have some of his albums at home, but this guys the consummate musician’s musician. His set was a rich treat and certainly has prompted me to play his music more. (His violinist was actually quite a captivating presence too).


Lastly, I stood in the driving rain in front of the main open air stage to watch world music legend, the Malian singer Rokia Traore, and her music was a sublime as one might expect, but I admit defeat here. The rain forced me back to the comforts of the Spa tent and these couple of images are all that I have to offer you.


Anyway, it’s off to the festival again now and, at the moment, it’s not raining and I’m altogether up for the final day’s fun and frolics.

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