— WOMAD 2013: Day Three

I have to admit it, I’m not especially pleased with my photography on Sunday’s final day of the 2013 WOMAD but it was certainly no less enjoyable!


After starting the day yesterday on such a high with Flavia Coehol I was not expecting to find a band with equal ability to delight. The programme did describe the first band though, The Bombay Royale, as a ‘Bollywood-flavoured surf-rock band from Melbourne’, so I was hopeful. And from the moment the band walked onto the stage I knew I was in for some serious fun!

More camp than a row of pink WOMAD tents, this cross between Bollywood and Tarantino were the best act of the whole weekend. You need to see this band.


All of the team had their own alter-egos (the super-tight band all wore masks too) and performed, in order of appearance, under names such as The Skipper, The Tiger, The Mysterious Lady and, to the right of the line-up in the last pic of these guys here, The Kung Fu Dentist! …that’s the female trombonist. You need to see this band.


To be honest, they were such a huge spectacle on stage that they could have got away with playing a tin whistle. But their music was awesome! Play it loud… play it really LOUD and you will find yourself instantly transported into your own Mexican action movie! Expect to find yourself making some big shapes and dancing like you’ve never danced before! You have been warned.


Last year I photographed lots of wonderful people enjoying the festival, but this year I struggled to find my rhythm. I blame the rain and the kagool! But here is a lady called Katch, looking uber-cool, and another pretty girl I found posing on the WOMAD letters.


One highlight of WOMAD every year is their Taste The World experience. I’ll take a moment to praise the Goan Fish Curry stall – they had a queue all day long and the food worth was it every time – then there was Moorish (voted Favourite Festival Food at Larmer Tree 2013) and even though they got my order wrong every time, this year and last, the food was good enough regardless to cause me not to care.


The picture that I’ve included here is of Lenny in Le Rac ShackSavoie Fayre are specialists in Alpine Raclette dishes and are the UK’s only mobile raclette catering company. Everything covered in melted Swiss cheese? Yes, please! Just looking at their website makes me hungry, check it out!


The final few photographs here are of La Chiva Gantiva (who I challenge anyone to listen to and not start dancing), Gocoo (I wish I played the drums!), and also China’s DaWangGang. I sort of accidentally went to watch this last act and did not mean to stay long at all, but found it impossible to leave. You will not hear another sound like this.


You can see my photographs here from day one and day two of this year’s festival.


…now, can’t wait until next year.





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