— The Cat-shaped Kindergarten!!

Only yesterday I was telling Marc that none of the architecture at the moment excites me… But Lost at E Minor do seems to find all the crazy stuff! In Germany, a Kindergarten (or nursery) shaped like cat! 

This is the sort of criteria I will base having children on so well done artist Tomi Ungerer and architect d’Ayla-Suzan Yöndel.


“In Karlsruhe, Germany, the kids who attend Kindergarten Wolfartsweier must contend with the serious business of walking straight into the mouth of a cat everyday. Artist Tomi Ungerer and architect d’Ayla-Suzan Yöndel are behind the brilliant kindergarten building design of a kitty in a sphinx-like pose.


It’s so cool, the cat’s tail at the back of the building forms a metal playground slide. We’re surprised this isn’t in Japan instead.”


Via: Lost at E Minor


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