— Johanna Stickland

As someone who has been immersed in the process of creating self-portrait photographs over recent months, I am fascinated by other people involved with the same obsession.


One model who always arrests my attention whenever she drifts through my Tumblr feed is self-portraitist, photographer and model Johanna Stickland.To pay homage to my minor obsesssion with her, here’s a selection of portraits that are both shot by Johanna herself and also as shot by others.


Hopefully one day soon I shall be able to photographer Johanna myself, or be photographed by her… …or both.


You can follow Johanna’s Tumblr here and also her other broader portfolio of photography here.


Photographers who’s work is featured here (amidst Johanna’s own images and others that are uncredited) include:


April Lea-Hutchinson


Art Tavers


Mark Harris


Kris Enos


Paul Ward


Anita Bartos


George Pitts


Eica S.



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