— Alex Chinneck’s Sliding House

Alex Chinneck – the British artist and designer responsible for the identically smashed windows in Hackney – has unveiled a stunning new site-specific piece entitled ‘From the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes.’

Located in the seaside town of Margate in Kent, UK, the piece tricks the viewer into thinking the facade of a four-storey house has simply slipped down, revealing the upper layer to the elements.


The artwork, which cost £100,000 to from start to finish, is the result of a collaboration between Chinneck and the British Industry, who worked with 10 different companies (as well as The Arts Council, England) to donate materials and professional services. If you want to check out the piece for yourself, the address is:


From the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes

1 Godwin Road


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