— Ryan McGinley: Body Loud

Last week, New York-based photographer Ryan McGinley opened his latest show “Body Loud” at Galerie Perrotin in Paris, France.

Made up of over twenty brand new large-format photographs taken over the course of last summer, the series is a development to his ongoing body of road-trip photographs, which began in 2005.


” The production of these images has evolved greatly since their inception—what began as fly-on-the wall documentation now consists of rigorous and intense production schedules, elaborate safety precautions, and mobile studio lighting. The situations are meticulously staged, although the resultant images are not: McGinley’s practice still allows for and thrives upon spontaneity.” The exhibition is open now and will be running through to 11 January, 2014.


Galerie Perrotin

76 Rue de Turenne

75003 Paris



Via: Galerie Perrotin


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