— The Emerald Art Glass House

Precariously cantilevered above The Emerald Art Glass manufacturing facility, this contemporary house was designed by Fisher Architecture for the company’s owners and overlooks the South Side area in Pittsburgh.

As well as featuring a lot of glass from the factory below, the home has been predominantly made from recycled materials, while geothermal forced air compliments the eco-friendly heated floors and glass.


Extending almost three times further than the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house Falling Water, the Emerald Art Glass House is considered to be the world’s longest residential cantilever, pulling inspiration from the Jean Paul Sartre quote: “When a structure cantilevers in a daring way, we imagine ourselves leaning out over the space below, which explains why it moves us. This is the thing with feathers, an object that disrupts daily life just enough to make one believe that there is maybe more to life than the humdrum.


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