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Bicycle brand Brooks England – well-known for their comfy leather saddles, among other things – have opened their first ever store in London. Named B1866, the store is located on Earlham Street in Covent Garden and will pay homage to the brands rich 150 year heritage, as well acting as a platform for introducing new products.


A basement area will also allow customers to create custom orders. “Since 2002 we have restructured the company and revamped the brand’s glorious past,” says Andrea Meneghelli – the brand’s marketing director. “Finally, we have a home where we can hang the paintings portraying John Boultbee and Boultbee Brooks, the father and son who founded and made the company flourish during the first 86 years of its history, between 1866 and 1952. But mostly we have another possibility to show to our fans how much we care and how much passion we put in what we do.”


Via: Brooks England

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