— Retro Erotica

It seems nostalgia even applies – especially applies! – to good ole old school erotica.


This (I think) early seventies pic is a peach.


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— Regret

The English Group’s Katherine Jane Wood is out photographing birds again today – her other photographic obsession – so, perhaps this image strikes a chord.


Regret by Hossein Zare.


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Hossein Zare, regret, photography, black & white, birds, landscape

— Robert McGinnis

Where would we be without Robert McGinnis’s stunning pulp illustrations.


This one I especially love.


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— Death By Hamburger

We’ve all over indulged a little, I’m sure, and as nobody wants to be too serious on Boxing Day, I give you David Lachapelle.


Glorious colours, visually stimulating, humourous, and oh yes, the theme of this short collection of photographs is food! …go get yourself another roast potato.

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