— Portrait of George Dyer Talking

The painting by Francis Bacon was sold by Christie’s yesterday, in London for £42m. The auction house said it was the most valuable work of art it had sold in Europe – but it is the 44th most expensive painting sold worldwide.

Bacon and Dyer met in Soho in the autumn of 1963 with Dyer becoming arguably the artist’s greatest love and muse.


‘Portrait of George Dyer Talking’ (1966), was originally undertaken from a series of photographs taken by John Deakin around 1965.


This painting is the second of eleven of Dyer that Bacon began in 1966, and completed in 1968. Bacon returned to this theme in similarly emotionally-loaded but more tragic circumstances following Dyer’s death in 1971, two days before Bacon’s major retrospective opened at the Grand Palais.


“Not an hour goes by when I don’t think about George.”


True love and tragedy on St Valentine’s Day x



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