— Josef Hoflehner

Austrian photographer Josef Hoflehner creates ethereal images that appear suspended in time. Tranquil, quiet and mostly devoid of people, his cleverly composed works almost have a painterly quality to them, and the arresting image appears as if in a dream.His lens has captured secluded and empty places from Iceland to the Antarctic, and many of the world’s most wondrous and beautiful places in between.  I particularly enjoy that Hoflehner’s images have an honesty and openness to them. He seeks subject that makes you further appreciate so much about the world and man’s place in it, rather than our fateful existence. They show a positive interaction, achieved through his unique eye for space and colour composition, and by finding the time and patience to wait for the serene moment.


This series of images is from Hoflehner’s Patience series, a shifting and experimental series that fit together well, yet all stand alone by the strong presence they exude. A thread that runs throughout all Hoflehner’s work, forming part of his recognisible style.  The IPA (International Photography Awards) voted Hoflehner Nature Photographer of the Year 2007. His work is included in many private and public collections including Fidelity Investments, AT&T, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Dubai International Financial Centre.


Bondi Bathers, (Sydney, Australia, 2011)


Nordsee (Germany, 2006)


Ocean’s Eleven (Florida, 2011)


Awaiting Spring (Japan, 2012)


Central Park II (New York, 2001)


Central Park (New York, 2011)


Floating Village (Vietnam, 2007)


Happy Hour (Japan, 2012)


28 Trees (Russia, 2010)


Blue Barn (Japan, 2012)


Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam, 2012)


Hillside Fences (Japan, 2009)


Turquoise Stream (Jiuzhaigou, China, 2008)


Asasaka Palace (Tokyo, Japan, 2012)


Via: Tail of Wood

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