— Godzillas (Eastern Block Style)



Some great illustrated movie posters from Godzilla movies, from Czechoslovakia and Poland.


Check how friendly Godz. looks in the second one.


They are as follows:


1956 Czech poster for the original Godzilla (Ishirô Honda, Japan, 1954)


Artist: František Kardaus (1908-1986)


1957 Polish poster for Godzilla  (Ishirô Honda, Japan, 1954) [see also]


Artist: Alicja Laurman-Waszewska (b. 1920)


Polish poster for Godzilla Vs. The Smog Monster  (Yoshimitsu Banno, Japan, 1971)


Designer: Zygmunt Bobrowski (b. 1932)


1977 Polish poster for Godzilla vs Gigan (Jun Fukuda, Japan, 1972)


Artist: Romuald Socha (b. 1943)



Via: Movie Poster Of The Day



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