— Cyril Caine’s Facial Reconstruction Portraits

Warning, this is not easy viewing:


As part of a powerful new series, French photographer Cyril Caine has captured the portraits of patients undergoing facial reconstructive surgery.


Working alongside their surgeon, Professor Bernard Devauchelle, the artist was allowed to setup an intimate portrait area within the hospital they were being treated. While the series can at times be hard to look at, Caine wanted to make sure he stayed well clear of voyeurism or sensationalism, preferring to convey a story through the patients expression and posture.

“Today it looks like our society thinks ‘ultra lifting’ faces are pretty, but they all look the same. Most of disfigured people stay hidden. They don’t have any kind of social life because of the look and the words of ‘normal’ people. It’s a shame,” says Caine during an interview with Feature Shoot. “One of my models (who is a friend now) told me that one day when he was in the street, a guy crossed the road in his direction and told him, ‘how can you stay like this? Look at you! If I were you, I’d put a bullet in my head.’


This is the reality for these people. So the minimum we can do is to look these portraits and find a certain kind of beauty in them.”


You can read the full interview here.


Via: Huh Magazine


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